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Proper Use of BOD-Balance and Hydrogen Peroxide

BOD Balance is a non-toxic additive designed to significantly increase aerobic biological activity in waste water treatment plants (WEFTECH Research Paper available) and that is why it is good for your ponds and septic systems.

BOD-Balance works with the naturally occuring bacteria and other organisms in ponds to consume excess nutrients. This process may take several weeks. Regular applications of BOD-Balance will give you a healthier pond.

If algae blooms develop, it may be because the temperature or the atmospheric pressure has caused the algae to surface. This does not mean that the BOD-Balance is not working to reduce the nutrient level in the pond. There is likely far more algae in the pond than you realize.

A "quick fix" to getting rid of the algae blooms is to combine BOD-Balance with hydrogen peroxide. The hydrogen peroxide works with the BOD-Balance to shred the algae while helping bacteria to decompose the dead algae and other organisms.

Use 35% hydrogen peroxide at the rate of 35 PPM with BOD-Balance at a rate of 5 PPM. The hydrogen peroxide is safe to use with fish and other aquatic life. The hydrogen peroxide leaves no residues and actually adds oxygen to the pond. The BOD-Balance leaves no residues, is fully biodegradable, and helps oxygen transfer by 25% or more.

Aerated Ponds and BOD-Balance

Aeration is an important tool to help create healthy ponds. Using BOD Balance with aerators actually improves aeration effectiveness by reducing the surface tension of the water. Reduced surface tension allows the water to hold oxygen that, in turn, allows bacteria to perform more effectively, enhancing the entire ecosystems of the pond. Using as little as 1 PPM of BOD Balance with aeration can improve oxygen transfer into the pond water by up to 25%! The better your re-circulation, the greater the effect BOD Balance will have in helping your ponds.

Septic Systems

BOD Balance was designed originally to reduce sludge volume in sewage treatment plants. BOD Balance helps to reduce the frequency of pumping or fully eliminate the need to pump! Odors are eliminated! Use in outhouses, "Johnny-on-the-spots", grease traps, compost systems, etc. BOD Balance can even help rehabilitate septic systems. Ask for our wastewater study showing reduction in sludge, E.coli and other components.

Algaecides and Herbicides

Remember that the more you use these products, the greater the dead organic material and nutrient level in the pond and the more difficult it is to keep the pond in balance. The initials BOD stand for Bio-chemical Oxygen Demand. The bacteria needs oxygen to digest and decompose the dead matter. The less oxygen in the pond, the more the pond becomes septic. The more anaerobic bacteria, the less healthy the pond is and the more algae you will see. BOD-Balance is designed to add oxygen so that the bacteria can process the nutrients in the pond.

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