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The ultimate non-chemical solution for clean, clear odourless water.
BOD-Balance is completely safe to use, easy to apply and cost effective.

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The Problem...
Poor water quality along with excessive weed growth is usually caused by organic
material decaying in the water. Everything that lives and dies in the water or enters by
other means eventually settles on the bottom. As this material begins to degrade the
water is robbed of necessary oxygen and becomes septic. Under these conditions,
odour is produced and the level of dissolved nutrients is increased in the form of
phosphates which feed the weed growth. This is known in science as “Eutrophic

The Solution...
The simple solution to this complicated problem is BOD - Balance water treatment.

  • BOD - Balance is not a chemical bacteria or enzyme additive.
  • BOD - Balance is completely safe for all plant and animal life.
  • BOD - Balance is 100% biodegradable and leaves no residue.
  • BOD - Balance enhances the natural degradation of organic materials, resulting in
    clean, clear, odourless water and reduced weed growth.

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In nature, organic compounds are degraded by microorganisms. BOD-Balance creates an environment where selected micro-organisms flourish. The increased population of beneficial organisms allows the natural degradation process to occur many times faster.
BOD Balance... “Helping Nature Naturally”

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Application Instructions

Pond Treatment
BOD-Balance is most effective when used at a rate of between 1 and 5 parts per million. (PPM)

Calculate Size of Pond
In order to calculate the amount of BOD-Balance needed, the volume of the pond must be determined. Calculate the volume of the pond by multiplying the average length by the average width and X the average depth. Note: The average depth equals half of the maximum depth.

The volume can be measured in cubic meters or feet. One cubic meter is equal to 1,000 liters. If measured in feet, you will multiply by 6.25 gallons per cubic foot to yield the total volume in
imperial gallons.

Calculating How Much to Use

First Application
Calculate the amount of BOD-Balance needed to arrive at 5 PPM.

  • Metric        = 5 ml. per 1,000 liters
  • Imperial    = 4 oz. per 5,000 Imperial gallons.

Dilution and Application of Product
Mix the BOD-Balance in sufficient water (the more the better, minimum of 10 gallons) so that the diluted product can be sprayed over as large an area as possible. If no sprayer is available, the diluted product may be thrown onto the pond, making sure that as wide an application area as possible is made. If the pond you are treating is too large for this type of application, the product may be diluted and sprayed onto the surface from the leeward side so that the wind will help to carry the material across the pond. Note: Always dilute the product before applying to the pond.

Second Application
Make the second application 10 days after the first. Calculate the amount of BOD-Balance required for a 2 PPM
solution in the same way as the first application.

  • Metric        = 2 ml. per 1,000 liters
  • Imperial    = 1 oz. per 3,000 Imperial gallons

Dilute and apply the product in the same way as the first.

Maintenance Application
Every 2 weeks, or when surface film appears on the pond, apply at the rate of 1 to 2 PPM until late fall.

Contents:   Bioenhancer, food grade preservative.


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