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Improving the world ….one drop of water at at time!

WaterCare™ Solutions - The Complete Treatment ... Chemically Free!

Industrial Applications

Process water, cooling towers, evaporative condensers and chilling systems require active management to optimize performance, safety and longevity.

ScaleFree and IonMizer systems integrate with current installations to generate dramatic improvements in:

Biological Control
Cooling towers and other industrial/commercial water systems are a breeding ground for pathogens such as Legionnella. Bacteria can not become resistant to our treatment. Patented techniques control the operation of the system. Your water systems can meet drinking water standards chemically free!

Control the dust and dirt that collects in your water to improve system performance and eliminate surfaces on which organisms can grow.

Corrosion Control
Patented techniques to prevent corrosion and rehabilitate systems.

Bottom line – We Save You Money!
How? Drastically reduced bleed or water usage, energy savings, elimination or reduction of chemical costs and maintenance, downtime and capital expenditures. Our product warranties extend up to three years.

Pond Applications

We treat your ponds and waste treatment systems naturally so they clean themselves!

pond water treatmentImprove the quality of water in outdoor ponds without chemicals-naturally! Ideally suited for golf courses, private ponds and municipalities. BOD-Balance accelerates the breakdown of excess organic matter. Ponds become visibly cleaner. The growth of algae and weeds are inhibited. BOD-Balance is ideal for waste water systems and septic tanks. Odours disappear and sludge is reduced exponentially! Ask for the WHMIS sheets and the toxicology reports.

Bottom line, Secural WaterCare™ Solutions are safe, effective and environmentally responsible.



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