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Shredding Services Made Easy

Secural provides shredding services in THREE ways.

Regularly Scheduled Service

We pick up at your location and provide plant based-shredding done at our facility — you can still come watch it being done if you want to! Your commitment to regularly scheduled service saves you $25 per pick-up!

At Your Location

Mobile truck shredding at your location — you can watch everything being shredded!  Our truck has one of the finest shreds available!

Drop Off Service

Come drop off materials at our facility. Materials shredded in front of you from 7:30 am – 9:00 am by appointment only. From 9:00 am to 3:00 pm we receive documents and shred them when it is convenient for us. Call ahead to let us know you are coming.

Want to Do It Yourself?

Secural sells shredders for home, office and industrial use. Low or high volume, low or high speed, fine or super micro-cut shred sizes available for any job

No more room in the office, basement or garage for storage?

Secural operates a records storage facility for all your storage and retrieval needs. We use the O’Neil software system to barcode and track all your boxes. We can code right down to specific documents. Secural sells heavy duty records storage (bankers) boxes at very competitive rates. Store at Secural Records Storage for less than the cost of a storage unit. Ask about our storage fee structure today!


Call for rates for regularly scheduled or one-time services. Volume discounts apply for large file purges. No amount is too small or too large. We can pick up any volume from as little as a few boxes to multiple skids of boxes. We will even take the boxes off shelves and skid them for you!

We can also remove your non-paper, non-recyclable products for destruction. Simply call for a quotation.

Secural’s policy is we will beat your lowest quote by 5%.

Prompt Service – Secural is There When You Need Us

The time from call for service to delivery ranges from the same day to approximately 48 hours, depending on the proximity to the daily route. We will work with you to plan the best day and time for you. Don’t wait for service–we value your business!

Value Added Services

An additional bonus to the shredding service is our free recycling and cardboard removal service. If Secural is removing shredding, we will also take clean recyclable paper and cardboard at no extra charge.

Years of Excellent Service

Why Choose Secural Datashred Inc.

Secural’s prices are generally below the competition because you only pay for the weight of materials shredded, and not the time to do the shredding.

Secural has one of the most powerful shredders in the city.

Shred width used is usually smaller than that of competitors and with our machine there is no opportunity for whole chunks to slip through as often happens with poorer quality equipment.

High security is maintained throughout the collection and shredding process by using bonded drivers, sealed trucks, collection sheets, locks and a secured shredding facility.

The Secural™ process allows for maximum recycling of all shredded materials so you can reduce your carbon footprint, qualify for many new environmental/corporate guidelines and policies, and be apart of making our planet a better place to live in.

The Secural ™ system is a flexible complement of services that can be tailored to your needs. Confidence in our services has been demonstrated by our expanding client base, which includes major law firms, banks, market research firms, chemical companies, Government organizations, doctors and dentists, to name a few. References will gladly be shared on request.

Getting Started

Phone or e-mail and we can discuss how Secural can help you maintain security of your confidential information. Secural will come and perform a free audit of your current process and make suggestions that will save money and make your process more secure