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Stop Identity Theft

It is no longer safe to put personal documents out in the recycling bin.  (It never was actually.) You can shred your own documents!
secure document shredding

Secure Shredding Services

No volume too small. One time clean outs or regularly scheduled services available.
Schedule an appointment to watch your materials being shredded. Pay for what is shredded – not the time it takes.
Document safes

Document Security Safes

Secural offers a wide range of document security containers to protect your information in your premises. Secural’s own Datasafes are the only steel containers in the industry. They offer superior security as well as the benefit of being fire containing. Datasafes are available in two sizes. Wood consoles and lockable bins on wheels are the industry standard. As an on-going shredding customer, these are provided with a monthly service. All Datasafes, consoles and bins are also available for purchase.

Document Storage

Document Storage

Secural offers complete document management from storage to destruction with our records storage facility. We retrieve and deliver files to you by fax, email or hard copy, whether you need one page or a whole box! Scanning and cloud storage can be arranged. Ask for our current storage and retrieval rates or a quote for scanning and cloud storage.
Paper and Cardboard Recycling

Paper and Cardboard Recycling

Recycling and being environmentally responsible is an integral part of Secural’s philosophy.  All paper shredded is recycled. Cardboard is also baled and sent to a mill for recycling as are magazines and newspapers.

Book Your Shredding Service

Complete the Secural Shredding Service booking form to order your service.  For a price quotation, go to our information request form. We will help you choose the programs and materials that will provide the greatest benefit for your company.

Why Choose Us?

Your sensitive data will never fall between the cracks.
Once data enters our dedicated security systems, it never leaves our control. We transport materials in our own trucks. Our facility is ULC level secured and documents are shredded to NAID (National Association for Information Destruction) standards.
We care about your environment.
Whether we shred on-site at your premises or off-site at ours, Secural recycles the maximum amount of materials possible. Secural is committed to the 4 R’s of Recycling – Reduce, Re-use, Recover and Recycle.
Our line of in office products further protects information in your premises.
We tailor the equipment for your on-going shredding service to your specific needs. If you have a high profile office, the Secural Datasafes™ or consoles will complement your filing cabinets. If you have a large volume of shredding, the lockable wheeled bins may be more advantageous. You can have as many containers as you need at no charge as long as you have a monthly shredding service. Want to shred your own documents? Secural sells Ideal MBM shredders. From small personal shredders to large commercial shredders, from strip cut to super micro cut, we have a shredder for your needs.
You won’t need to waste valuable time co-ordinating suppliers.
Secural can handle all your destruction needs including confidential documents, computer tapes, hard drives, CD’s, DVD’s, computer equipment and products. We can also provide recycling services for cardboard and non-confidential paper at the same time as a shredding pick-up, usually at no extra charge.
When it needs to go, we’ll be there to get it done.
A speedy and reliable response is guaranteed through our systematized program of pick-ups. We usually respond to your needs within 48 hours or less, depending on your proximity to our routes.
There is no need to worry about strangers dealing with your records.
Secural staff are all bondable and trained to handle materials confidentially. Our uniformed staff identify Secural employees.
Drop-off service is available.

Whether you are a home owner or a SOHO – small office/ home office, you can bring your shredding to Secural for a reduced fee. Most of these customers have only a few boxes for shredding at one time.  You can watch it being shredded at our facility from 7:30 am – 9:00 am Monday to Friday by appointment only.  From 9:00 am to 3:00 pm we will accept your documents and shred them within 24 hours.  Just call us to let us know you are coming. Secural uses a finer shred than most of the mobiles. It is a cross-cut style that results in smaller pieces than strips. Our shredding size meets NAID standards. Drop off charges are $35.00 for the first 100 lbs and $0.20/lb after that. An appointment is appreciated.

Stop Identity Theft.
People are worried – with good reason- about the reality of identity theft. It is no longer safe to put personal documents out in the recycling bin. (It never was actually!) You can shred your own documents! Secural sells the leading brand of shredders in sizes ranging from a few sheets to 100’s of pages per pass! Too much to do on the small shredder? Bring it to Secural. We will shred it while you watch!
Attn: Wendy at Secural Datashred

I want to thank you for the shredding you did for me. Your company is very efficient: called first to make sure I was home, and were here at the appointed hour. I would not hesitate to recommend Datashred.

Nancy Grant

On behalf of our team, we would like to express our thanks to your folks who were on site today and assisted with the removal of 200 boxes and a series of hard covered binders. They did a great job! Many thanks!
DI Toronto Star

Dear Wendy:  We recently utilized your shredding service and we were very pleased with your service. We had previously experienced much difficulty with other firms who either would not return phone calls or expected us to simply drop off our shredding without giving us the any confidence the shredding would be done. We were able to bring our shredding to you and you allowed us to actually view the material being shred. We will recommend your service to others.

DC Mortgage Counsel of Canada Ltd.