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Secural Datashred™ Inc. provides office managers with:

Information Protection System

View the procedure of sensitive files from your Secural Datasafe™ to the Central Shredding Facility.

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1) Personnel Security

  • Secural's bonded, uniformed employees collect materials, usually within 48 hours
  • Secural staff wear photo I.D.
  • Secural trucks travel locked at all times

2) Certificate of Collection & Destruction

  • One multipart form is your audit trail of collection destruction and exact weights of materials destroyed
  • One copy is received at collection time and the second completed copy with the invoice

3) Handling

  • Only Secural's bonded employees remove materials from the Datasafes unless otherwise specified
  • Minimal sorting removes non-recyclable confidential materials for separate shredding
  • Maximum recycling and minimum disposal

4) Destruction

  • Materials are strip shredded and baled in one continuous process at a rate of several tons per hour
  • Materials are scaled into bags or toters for secure transportation
  • A signed collection sheet listing collected materials is given to the client

Security Assessments
Identify information security risk areas.
Custom design a collection systems.
Choose the container that best fits your needs for a range of sizes and styles.

Secural Datasafes & Other Security Containers

Secural Datasafes™
The Datasafe™ provides central security storage for all surplus information Deposit single sheets, continuous computer runs and large bundles of paper. The steel construction and security deposit slot make the Secural Datasafe™ the best available alternative.

The Datasafe™ has a double locking system. Key access is restricted to our bonded personnel and your designated office manager.

A variety of vehicles to collect and transport material to our Central Shredding facility.

Collection is by our uniformed and bonded personnel. Clients can be confident that their information flow remains within a closed system, secured from harmful exposure.

Document Shredding
All information paper secured in our Secural Datasafes™ is sealed and tagged for shredding at our central destruction site. Certificates of Destruction are issued to clients. Materials shredded are automatically recycled.

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