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Six Ways to Leak Your Corporate Secrets

1. Place blue boxes and open recycling bins in printing, copying and common areas. Take note as people crane their necks to see if there is anything of interest, often returning to read or pocket the document. Staff and cleaners who empty these bins refer to recycling as “corporate mail”. Remember the “leaked” federal budget?...found in a recycling bin!

2. Leave your waste paper outside and accessible to the public. Many people routinely pick through garbage including private investigators and competition! There are countless examples of corporate espionage where most of the information came from discarded garbage.

3. Use a waste compactor removal service. Have you ever travelled behind a waste compactor full of blowing papers? An inexpensive way to spread the word.

4. Use clear plastic bags and/or open recycling bins in your loading dock areas. Provides interesting recreational reading for tradesmen, employees and waste haulers.

5. Leave “confidential” containers unlocked. Efforts of conscientious organizations who have invested in confidential shredding programs are routinely thwarted by well-meaning employees leaving containers unlocked!

6. Store your documents and records in a spare room, under desks or in hallways until you find time for disposal.

Many confidential records find their way to the street by being stored inappropriately.

Discarded information in garbage and recycling bins is legally “deemed abandoned”.

Are your corporate secrets at risk of being leaked?

For a free security assessment of your current information disposal methods along with affordable solutions to stop your corporate secret leaks, call Secural Datashred: (905) 763-7428

Privacy Legislation Panic!

The new privacy legislation seems to be causing a great deal of panic as organizations scramble to ensure compliance.

The focus of the legislation is on collection and uses of information. However, the disposal of the information is just as important. If you are already shredding some or all of your corporate documents, you are on the way to complete compliance.

I developed a document entitled “ Six Ways to Leak Your Corporate Secrets” which is enclosed. One of the keys to protecting client information is ensuring that it does not enter the open waste stream. The more you shred, the more your information is protected. Materials in an open waste stream such as a recycling box are “deemed to have been abandoned” legally and therefore open to anyone’s access!

Most recycling companies and waste haulers simply bale the materials collected for sale to a mill. At Secural Datashred every piece of office paper is shredded. We also shred magazines and newspapers.

Secural Datashred’s shred width is finer than that of most shredding companies - both on-site and off-site. We are committed to providing the highest level of security. Secural also sells shredders ranging in size from personal to high volume machines that process several tons of paper per hour. The shred-width or cut size varies from standard strips in a range of widths to extremely fine cross-cuts or micro-cuts for high security.

Please call me for a copy of our security procedures or for questions about the service. We will be pleased to visit your site and help you to improve your security processes and protection of client information.

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