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1. Confidential Destruction
The confidential destruction service can be a regularly scheduled service or as needed purges. For the regularly scheduled service, the client has the option of using Secural Datashred™'s Datasafes for containment prior to collection. When using our Datasafes for containment and there is no pick up for the month, we have $10.00 rental charge on the bin.

Pick-Up Service

  • Collection Service includes 15 minutes collection time & 100 Lbs of shredding.
    Regularly scheduled collections $70.00 plus $0.20 per pound after the first 100 lbs.
  • Additional collection time over 15 minutes
    $3.00 -  Per minute for two person team.
  • For weight greater than 100 lbs., a charge of $0.20 / lb will apply.
    Volume Discounts are available.
  • One time customer minimum $100.00 plus $0.20 / lb.

Drop-Off Service

  • Deliver it to Secural and SAVE!
  • $35.00 drop-off fee for up to 100lbs. of shredding
  • Additional charge in excess of 100 lbs. $0.20 per lb.

2. Confidential Destruction Plus Recycling
Specific containers differentiate materials for recycle from materials for secured destruction. The recycle containers are selected from the appropriate Secural™ options.

a) Recycling collections are free if paper is collected from a central area.
b) If Secural™ collects the materials from each floor in the facility, the same collection service charge as Confidential Destruction will apply.

3. Confidential Destruction and Fine Paper Recycling Plus Other Materials
Other materials include newspaper, glass, cans and any other identified recyclables. There may be a charge of $50.00 per collection to cover costs of sorting and recycling the materials.

4. Fine Paper Recycling Only
There is a $50.00 charge for recycling collection form one central location to offset the collection and transportation costs. There is an additional collection charge if materials must be collected from individual containers. The same collection service charge as Confidential Destruction will apply.

5. Consulting Services
Consulting fees are charged at the rate of $150.00 per hour for extra consulting serves on waste management and other materials. This applies to projects other than implementation of a program. E.g. extra training sessions, research on disposal of various resources, development of materials associated with a program. Administration expenses are charged at cost plus 15%.

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